Slots Basics

Slots Basics

Following are slots basics everyone should know: the common name for slots is “The One Armed Bandit”. This nickname in slots basics is that it comes from the lever that slots players pull or grab after inserting a coin. Slots have come a long way. Now the slots are modernized with state of the art slots software. The machines are amazing to look at. They have incredible audio effects and buttons and even touch screens.

The most popular term used today is slots or slot machines. Some of the most common slots basics used in the slot biz are helpful to know, so that you can learn more about the slots and how to maximize your potential of actually winning a slot jackpot!

Pay cycle… It is common knowledge in the Slots Biz that slots go through pay cycles. A pay cycle is simply a period of time after which the slots – after having put in a predetermined number of coins – begin to pay out coins. This cycle is programmed into the slots software to meet the minimum payout schedule as per State law.

Take cycle… The converse of the pay cycle. If you believe in the pay/take theory, then you might be inclined to assume that a pay cycle is followed by a take cycle, whereby you may get the odd small return, but essentially it’s a feeding frenzy for the slot.

Hold… This is the percentage of coins played that are kept by the slot, the house profit. In the average case, it is between 3% to 15%.

Pay line… Normally the line in the center of the slot window, but also it can be three lines, four lines or even five lines. Only winning symbols or combinations on a pay line will drop coins in the bin.

Reels… The reels are where the symbols are displayed, usually three reels but sometimes you will find a two reel, four reel or even higher numbers of reels. It is widely known that the more reels the slot has, the more difficult it is to hit the jackpot. Stay away from slots with multiple reels.

Symbols… These are the graphics, pictures, images, icons or symbols that one sees on the reels. They can be cherries, lemons, bars, oranges–many combinations. Today there are so many symbols that are made from slots software.

Tilt… Slots machines tilt because they have run out of coins. It happens from coins that get jammed in the slots mechanics. The slots stops playing and a bright light flashes. When this happens, please alert the slots attendant.

Coins that are due to come out into the tray are cached in the slots memory and will pay after the faulty problem is corrected. If you feel that the slot isn’t paying out properly, ask for help.

Hopper… This is the place where the coins are held in the machine. Often hoppers are filled to capacity by slots players, so they can become empty as is described above (see tilt), and they can be ready to hop by filling to capacity. When this happens, the overflow of coins drops into a bucket underneath the hopper. This is the portion of profit the casino takes. The buckets are usually emptied by hand in the early morning hours when the slots are not so busy. I would love this job if it weren’t so physically demanding. Coins are heavy.

Fill… When hoppers run out of coins, they fill it, hence the slot term, fill. A slots attendant gets a bag of coins from the teller and refills the empty hopper.

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